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"Meditative Shoegaze-y instrumentation and layered arrangements safely engulf you and transport you into a beautiful aural solace." - Amy Steele, Entertainment Realm

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190101 11 copy Fallen Again

Fallen Again -

The lyrics for this song came as I was feeling like a failure, which is very common.  And also, a longing for some release, or maybe just relief would do.

180721 Not Today - final, unmastered version resized

Not Today -

I wrote this song in memory of the feelings I had when my mother passed away. So, it's a song for anyone who mourns.

180728 To Stay for WordPress web site

To Stay -

This one is about visiting a friend, and how comforting that can be.

180728 Sanity for WordPress web site

Sanity -

This is for those who struggle with mental illness, either diagnosed, or undiagnosed. I started with a quote from Albert Camus, but I now can't find it, so, here's one I like: “My soul’s a burden to me, I’ve had enough of it. I’m eager to be in that country, where the sun kills every question. I don’t belong here.”

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Sure You Know -

I still mourn for my first dog, after probably ten years. Animals, especially, and young children seem innocent.  How can death be explained?

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King Saul -

Here's a song for those who feel they have failed, in a great or a small way. The lyrics were inspired by early gospel music. The tune came to me when I was waking up.

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Dancing Time Again -

     A song for you to play before the apocalypse.

    I was inspired by early Appalachian folk music in writing the lyrics for this song, such as The Carter Family. The tune just came to me out of nowhere, and I developed the guitar, and other, sounds after that.

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My Breath Becomes Less -

This song is for those searching for some truth in a world that seems bent on hiding, or disguising it. The lyrics came to me as a result of no small struggle. The tune came first.

181228 Stranger to Reason 1

Stranger to Reason -

Mysticism in rock and pop music dates back to the 1950s. I wrote this song very much influenced by The End by The Doors, but also by some contemporary Egyptian music, and other Near and Middle Eastern music. The lyrics were inspired by the poetry of Rumi, and quotes from Carl Jung.

The Light Gathering Lens EP

180728 LGL EP for web site size reduced
Amy Steele (Entertainment Realm) review - "There’s a bit of comfort in knowing that we are not alone in our despair, sadness or frustration. Meditative Shoegaze-y instrumentation and layered arrangements safely engulf you and transport you into a beautiful aural solace."
The Light Gathering Lens is my (Eric Burnham) music project. 
I started playing the trombone when I was seven years old, but I didn't pick up a guitar until my freshman year in college.  I first learned to play classical guitar, and a little bit of flamenco.  Flamenco music still is an influence for me, along with near- and middle eastern traditional music.
I have struggled with major depression for almost all of my adult life, and this has affected my art.  I want my music to, generally, be about all of the struggles with mental illness, and about finally finding some redemption after so many years of bleak and desolate malaise.
I first formed The Light Gathering Lens in my mind in the early 1990's.  I had been the guitar player in a band, (Weather Theater), since 1984, but I wanted to sing, and I had been interested in slower, experimental, and ambient sounding music for quite some time.
I decided to make a recording and contacted Rich Hinklin, who was an acquaintance via Weather Theater; Rich had a recording studio in the living room of his house in the northwestern part of Seattle.  I recorded four songs at Rich's house with the goal of releasing an EP.
The experience with Weather Theater had me very discouraged and burned out, because of struggling with the music industry at that time.  Seattle was in the midst of the grunge movement, and both my music and our music did not fit into that category.  Also, the music industry was very centered around recording labels, and being discovered by a label.
The EP never happened, and I got caught up in pursuing a career as a scientific researcher.
Twenty-four years after I recorded the EP, I discovered it again.  In listening to it after so much time, I decided to release and promote it.
My research was stagnating due to the drying up of funds after the 2008 recession, and I had much time to do things like create music.
I had been a wildlife scientist and my research had been aimed at conserving gray wolves in the western U.S. I had spent much time alone in the wilderness tracking wolf movements, and analyzing their kill sites, and I think that this was quite inspirational.
My next project will be to record and release a full-length album. Like the EP, it will feature my guitar and voice, with more of the slow, ambient, experimental pop.
Contact information - mail@thelightgatheringlens.com